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Does The Location Actually Matter?

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Pub Quiz.. Or Third Time Lucky

A few times now I’ve tried to do the Tuesday Night Pub Quiz at an Irish Pub in Stuttgart. It’s free to enter and the first prize is a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. And after teaming up with a

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What The Hell Am I Doing Here? #1

I like living in Germany, I really do, I love it and a goodly percentage of its citizens. But sometimes it’s the tiny differences of culture and behaviour that get on your nerves. Yes, I know I’m a guest in

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…..

And, have I noticed any reduction in the amount of well, crap, blocking up my Inbox since the beginning of the year? Not really. Yes, I could block certain keywords, but that would flag most of the messages from my

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Political Entry #1 – Lack Of Equipment For British Troops In Iraq

I first became aware of the extent of ‘blogging because of people like Andrew Sullivan, who keeps a pretty much, purely socio-political blog; and then got to learn just how many people were actually keeping their diaries on line. Now,

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I’ve started to become a big fan of E-bay. Sure its full of charlatans and it isn’t the same as it used to be, blah-die-blah. However at the moment I’m trying to furnish my flat (and no, why I don’t

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A New Year, A New Way To Get Into Trouble…..

Should one keep a diary? Well, okay, I do. But how about a weblog? I’m not so sure, after all do I really want the people I’m talking about to be able to read this stuff? So it’s kind of

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