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A Miscellany #6

1. Yes I’m in England now (flew to Manchester last night), so it’s back to slow internet connections and rebuilding dry stone walls (more about that later) until the 29th when I’ll fly to London for New Year. Contact by

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1952 Committee

The first comment at the end of a recent terribly-written post was an invitation to sign up to the 1952 Committee – “previously pro-Tory bloggers who have decided not to vote Tory because of their support for ID cards”. Initially

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At Last!

Back on July 13th I talked about those t-shirts with provocative slogans i.e. “harder, faster, deeper” written across the chest in Braille -they’re printed in little raised bumps which the company says are like “small, cute, pliable nipples”. (You change

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I’ve been playing about with those avatar-making programs so that I can have an image of what I almost look like in my instant messenger box and it’s impossible to get an honest representation. They don’t do wrinkles, for starters.

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Doublespeak Christmas

I’ve nicked this part of a German English Christmas poem from Anna, the rest of it is worth reading. Every Parkhaus ist besetzt, Weil die people fahren jetzt All to Kaufhof, Mediamarkt, Kriegen nearly Herzinfarkt. Shopping hirnverbrannte things And the

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Just a link this time. Key “only in a scientific journal” quote “Long-term exposure to Laptop computer-related repetitive transient scrotal hyperthermia”. Heise has it in German. German Phrase For Today: “Die Arbeit am Laptop kann die Fruchtbarkeit von jungen Männern

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Difficult Decisions

Dec 2nd. Weight 12St6 / 174lbs / something in kilos. Received a text message from girlfriend. “2morrow nite, wot abt nice relaxing evening – fancy bj darling?” A little direct, but hey, she’s from London, women are more assertive there.

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