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Thanks to the efforts of Anyhoo, David, Duncan, Mark, Scott, Tim and I’m sure, others – far, far more people have looked at this in the 2 days it’s been up than I expected in the first two months. So

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Football Frenzy

Midnight tonight is the deadline for applying for the first tranche (is that the right word) of tickets for the World Cup finals, taking place in Germany next year. A major sporting event in the city in which I live!

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Don’t you just love those long, complex German compound words? Bauchspeicheldrüse f : Pancreas. Entzündung f : Inflammation. Or taken together, the answer to “so, what have you been up to”? There’s been some of the old extreme abdominal pain

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Of Weblogs Past

Once, long ago (the end of January) I gave up on the old blog; it was starting to get me into too much hot water at work and unfortunately I am not a lifeguard at the local volcanic water pools.

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What Does This Button Do?

“(and to the pedant who starts “actually” and then continues by citing an episode and series number, I can only say that I don’t care, and I can trade in common misperceptions if I want to).” He said. Could he

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Hello world!

I’m just messing about, setting things up. Give me a chance here, okay? So there’ll be lots of template/theme changing, link adding and general messing about until I have some real work to do. Bear with me a while and

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