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Learning German #2 : Draufwichsen

Once more a story of my early months of living in Germany with very little grasp of the language and, incidentally, the only anecdote that involves me being forcibly ejected from a DIY store by two well-built gentlemen and told

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Found Me!

Like Disneyland Every Day used to link to my old site which must not be named, and I never let him know of the change. However, the incoming stats (Technorati doesn’t seem to be working as well as it once

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Previous Posts

Just a quick update on some posts on this, which is, let us not forget, a published document/thingummy. So, as regards, the last post: “Tufty The Squirrel’s Road Safety Tips”, there’ll almost certainly be a criminal and probably a civil

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Tufty The Squirrel’s Road Safety Tips

Let’s get our facts straight here. Germans are, on the whole, incredibly kind and considerate drivers (stop laughing). And, it’s been documented using not-at-all-dubious standards that females make better drivers than men. They have a somewhat nasty habit of sleeping

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Miracle Cheese!

People of Wisconsin awake! It’s a miracle! A Sign! Bless St. Bartholomew (okay technically he’s the Patron Saint of Florentine cheese merchants, but he’s just going to have to do for now). I reckon I should have put this on

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Meme World #7

Gigglechick – a woman who normally is first on the block (and you get there pretty quickly in a convertible mini cooper) asked me to complete the meme that everyone, and I mean everyone, in Europe did about “music on

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After having a quick look through the stats of this website today, I noticed that there are several new people linking to me. Being the thoroughly vulgar linkwhore that I am, I thought I should at least reciprocate and tell

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The Calligrapher

After reading a disturbing amount of literature during my hospital stay and in the time afterwards, I took a break from reading for a while. I’ve found myself needing to consume something papery of late though. The dear Mr. Stairs

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On Being Polite / An American Misogynist*

*delete as applicable I blame my mother for instilling it into me as a child. You go shopping (and I imagine as a child it would have been to Marks and Spencers and then for lunch at Fenwicks), and when

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I’ve developed an enormous respect for people that work in translation. With time I’ve got to a point where I trust myself to translate things from either German or Science-speak into English. Actually, as I have enough friends who need

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