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Pre-Schengen Nostalgia

As you are all no doubt aware, the Schengen Agreement removed internal border controls between signatory states, except in “exceptional circumstances”. Similarly, the Bundesgrenzschutz (German Federal Border Guard) has allegedly been renamed the Bundespolizei (Federal Police) to “reflect the realities

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Blogging will be light to non-existent over the next few days as I’ll be away. Hopefully the members of the North Carolina Cricket Club will behave themselves relatively well in my absence. German Phrase For Today: “Bis Montag” – See

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Perverse Behaviour (By American Standards)

Yesterday evening I was (surprise) at a pub. Well okay, actually I was in the biergarten of said pub and was ostensibly there to take part in the pub quiz – it’s a regular Tuesday night experience, just as it’s

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Why No New Posts?

I’m really not updating the content of this blog as often as I’d like. I am working on the blog though – fiddling about with details in the background (you might not notice any difference, but it’s much easier for

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Crossing A Boundary

Well, when I say crossing a boundary, I’m probably referring to the Rhine between France and Germany, the river depicted below. This picture should be titled “Sitting On A Bridge Over The Rhine From A Train That Hasn’t Moved For

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A Vision Thing

Yes, I know, I know, I’ve whinged about this before. There’s a widely held stereotype that everything in Germany (except 12 or so percent of the labour force) works – and works efficiently. It’s not in the least bit true,

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Waking Up Smiling

In the spectrum of emotions, from abject despair to total ecstasy, I’m not quite sure how wide that portion in the middle – the “doing okay” wavelengths – where we spend most of our lives is. I suspect it’s quite

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Meme World 8: Books

Easyjetsetter and Tim Worstall seem to have tagged me with a book meme and I hate them (memes that is, I’m sure EJ and Tim are perfectly wonderful people). Easyjetsetter was first, I should point out. Number of books I

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An Aftershock?

About a year or so ago (haven’t ported the post yet) I admitted in a post that I got panic attacks. I’ve had panic attacks since I was 19 years old. Until I’d had one I thought people who said

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Sunday Six

1. A new blog – Famished For Meaning – and it is / will surely be wondrous! Go and eat and drink your fill! And, as a quiet aside, what is it with the UAE and being silly? Saudia Arabia

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