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Comment Spam

Every time someone posts a comment I get an e-mail notification. This is “nice” – I can reply instantly if I’m online. I get the occasional bit of comment spam, one or two per day, but this is easily defeated

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Never Again

She looked about sixty or so years old, respectably dressed, although with a somewhat-too-large St. Christopher medallion type thing hanging from her neck, lying on the ground with blood pouring from her face. As I approached her, a couple of

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I have a friend (no, really) who works for a large translating company, she sent me the following screenshot today. If you’re going to translate something from English to German, get a German native speaker to do it and if

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Katrina: Six Weeks On

As another hurricane is battering the Caribbean this weekend, I received an e-mail from a regular commenter, which I’m going to put up as my first guest post. As the title makes clear it’s about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

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Whiney Expat Blogger

Today is the 1st Whiney Expat Blogger meet-up in Marburg – a smallish University town in the north of the state of Hessen. I’d arranged to go by train, it’s a fair distance and by booking in advance I’d managed

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Exactly 200 Years Ago Today… Pt.2

Enough people have written about exactly why the Battle of Trafalgar was so important – Securing Britain’s trade routes first and foremost, giving her a century of naval superiority, annulling any idea of invading Britain, it ushered in a century

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Exactly 200 Years Ago Today…

…My Great-great-great grandfather was born. For some reason, can’t imagine why – the name was probably common at the time – they christened him Henry. Here endeth my contribution to the “On this day in history” craze that will no

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Someone Loves Me

In comparison to Rachel who received a package in the mail which looked like a parcel bomb (don’t worry, she wore oven gloves to open it – a career in UXB disposal surely beckons), I received a normal looking package

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An Edited Post

Some of you have noticed that I occasionally edit or even delete posts after they’ve been published. This is generally because I notice that what I’d written after returning from an evening out – much like the half-eaten kebab left

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Where’s Dennis Skinner When You Need Him?

The final reading of the ID Cards bill passed with a majority of 25 yesterday. Mr. Nosemonkey as well as Andrew and John are more than a tad aggrieved at the number of Conservative MPs who didn’t bother turning up

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