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Deciphering EU-Diplomacyspeak

If, whilst reading the reports about any EU negotiation, one ever comes across the words “French President Jacques Chirac praised the British Prime Minister” then it’s a pretty fair bet that Tony Blair has, once again, fucked up utterly.

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I’m sure you all know the situation: you get off the plane, head towards the luggage collection, and wait whilst the baggage handlers have a drink, a quick smoke and occasionally peer through those little plastic slats to watch you

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Going Postal (Or Not)

For reasons beyond my ability to comprehend (so not that far), a kind and generous reader of this blog, who is surely handsome, witty, intelligent, caring and woefully ignored by the scientific publishing world, decided to send me a Christmas

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Out Of The Frying Pan…

Right, that’s it. Enough is enough; I’m getting the hell out of here. Germany is a pleasant enough country, I’ll begrudgingly admit, but I’m planning to move back to Blighty. Or at least I think I am until I start

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Socialism, Taxation And The Redistribution Of Wealth

Note: This is a rough working draught and merely reflects my state of mind at the present; it may be subject to change. Actually, I’m not changing it, the next paragraph is perhaps the most eloquent I’ve ever written. You’re

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Overheard in the lab

“Ein Pessimist ist ein Mensch, der sich den Kuss vom Bakteriologen erklären lässt.” – Paul Hubschmid

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Much Better, Thanks!

Okay, still a bit snotty and achy, but much, much better. I even went back to the Apotheke and paid for the tissues. Anyway, thanks for all the wishes and cold remedies. Always looking for a business opportunity, I’m sure

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Break Out The Ribena

Every time I travel to the UK, I buy lots of the wondrous edible products which have helped make our country justifiably famous throughout the globe as a centre for culinary excellence. Apart from the Skips, which last about three

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St. Nikolaus

Was a Greek bishop from what is now Turkey (look, I’m not going to argue the finer geographical and historical points of the Eastern Holy Roman and Ottoman Empires, I’ve no wish for that debate). Main point is that his

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What Happened?

“I’m not celebrating my birthday,” he said, in reply to my congratulations in the early afternoon. “We might go for a Glühwein at the Christmas market,” he said at 6 p.m. “Letsh get shome more Tecwila,” he said at some

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