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Sub-Optimal Methods Of Trans-Continental Travel

#1 Tandem Bicycle. My former neighbours received a tandem as their wedding present which allowed them to spend their honeymoon cycling across the Alps. Each to their own and so on, and I must admit that I do own a

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For Everything Else, There’s Desperate Phonecalls

Flying to London – €48 Having your German mobile phone search the internet for about five hours on an “International Roaming” rate – I dread to think. Not being able to upload anything to your own site – annoying. Discovering

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Viral Marketing

I’m sure that Mr. Sparky could tell you a lot more about viral advertising than I could, although having received this advert from three different sources so far this morning, I reckon they’re doing a pretty good job. “Brüller“, “sehr

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The Apothekerin

Or “Utterly Useless Tips For The Pathetically Single #157” In Germany, at the end of every single TV advertisement for a product that might be sold at a pharmacist, be it medicated shampoo, cough lotion or the latest opiate derivative

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