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On Being Rich

As the number of letters from potential employers containing the words, “…despite your obvious potential, we regret to have to inform you that…” piles up and the amount of freelance work that I brought with me from Germany decreases, the

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Outdoor Cinema. Anyone? Anyone?

As opposed to Ryan, off poncing about watching an al fresco Midsummer Night’s Dream at Balboa, can anyone think of something better than this for your inner Neanderthal? The Stella Artois open-air film festival in Greenwich will be showing Ferris

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Friday Five

General laziness rules today, so just random crap incredibly interesting links…. 1. The Friday Thing, who are wonderful people and send out a highly amusing e-mail every, er, Friday disappointed me somewhat today by referring to this as a “Mind

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The Independent Does Statistics

As part of its “4×4 Debate: Enemy of the people”, Subheading: “Gas-guzzling, road-hogging, air-polluting… and now even doctors have joined the outcry over 4×4 cars”, (so obviously a debate that’s going to be looked at impartially from both sides), The

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Pick An Inferiority Complex…

Both Squander Two and the Devil have been discussing the joyous experience that is being English and living in Scotland. Squander Two gets the bizarre dichotomy of living in fear of physical attack for being English and loving the country

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Tempting Fate: A Prime Example

Sigh. Although the advertising campaign is still running as if nothing has happened. Now, although falling over and twisting your knee when you’re not being pushed by someone is pretty idiotic, the kind of thing I would do in fact,

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My Favourite World Cup Story So Far…

Is From Spiegel Online (in German). It tells of two England football fans who drove to Cologne and then went for a bit of a look around the town. At the end of their wander they couldn’t actually find the

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Learning New Words…

I’m still learning the words required for life in 21st century Britain. Latest one that caused me to do a double-take was learning that the guy behind the counter at Subway is a “sandwich artist”. Now, I’ve only eaten at

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Gratuitous Pussy Cat And Bunny Rabbit Photos

Well okay, just the one. And you’ll have to click on it to get a large-scale version, if pussy cats and bunny rabbits are your kind of thing….. One of the things that I did miss when I lived a

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Re-Pat: It’s Not Called The DHSS Anymore

“It’s a bloody disgrace!” he says, scanning my groceries over the barcode-reader. “These buggers come to Britain, they’ve never paid any tax nor national insurance and the government gives ‘em everything whilst soft buggers like me who’ve worked all their

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