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Avete mai pensato che potremmo sentirci offesi dal fatto che non avete mai imparato l’inglese?

Language Week 2006: Broke in Berlin hat schon auf Russisch (denke ich – es gibt zumindest kyrillisches Zeichen zu sehen) gebloggt. Ich dagegen hab wirklich kein Bock mitzumachen – bin so was von faul im Moment. Sorry. Als kleiner Trost

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Googling Away The Hours…

Number 143. From A Bomb Shelter. In Actual Fact > Visit Detail Domain Name ? (Israel) IP Address 212.143.150.# (Telran Communications) Location Continent : Asia Country : Israel (Facts) State/Region : Hefa City : Haifa Time of Visit Jul

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Getting The Words Right

We’re sitting on a blanket laid out on the grass in the park. Although the sun has set, it’s a balmy summer’s evening – warm enough to sit barefoot in shorts and t-shirt. The only chill is between us, the

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As another blogger gets fired for, well, being a successful blogger – I find myself worrying about the degree of anonymity required to write a blog. I mean, if writing anecdotes can get petite sacked for gross misconduct, can I

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Language Week 2006

Last year I agreed to, and then sort of acted on srah’s (I bet that’s not the name (s)he was Christened with) Language Week; The idea being to blog in a language other than the one normaly used on your

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Hay Fever

Well, not so much fever as all-over muscle pain and stiffness. The problem with playing farmhand for the few days per year it takes to gather hay from the fields is that I’m not used to it. Driving a tractor,

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Re-Pats Guide To Britain: Rail Travel

Britain’s Railways: I thought I knew what they’re like. In a land where no money is spent on the national infrastructure, where everything is incredulously expensive and yet of poor quality, the trains definitely don’t run on time and consuming

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