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I must not pass on memes. Memes are the mind-killer. Memes are the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face the meme… And when I have answered Sasha’s questions about music, I will turn the inner eye to see

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Learning About Modern Britain, In Quotes

Waitrose is: “a fast-growing supermarket chain catering for people too refined to shop at Sainsbury’s.” -The Economist Song playing as this was published: Ramstein – “Amerika”

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Lebenslauf vs. curriculum vitae

You are I am sure, aware that one is meant to put something on a c.v. that provides a little background of your “other interests” (the ones you want potential employers to know about, that is)? After all, all work

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Re-Pats Guide To Britain: Rail Travel (Redux)

Remember how once I might, possibly, indirectly, have inadvertently given the impression that Virgin Railways were really, really great in comparison with Deutsche Bahn? Let me just clarify my position on that one…. Of all the rail companies in Britain,

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German Words We Use In English: Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude: The feeling experienced after having spent years listening to your mother explain that ‘you drive like a maniac’, ‘you’re awfully close to the car in front’, ‘you’re not on the Autobahn now, you know?’ etc. etc. of getting to

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Oi! That’s *Our* Primary Colour

In today’s information-based economy, intellectual property rights are important. Not only that, trademarks, logos and the like are valuable commodities that should be guarded fiercly. People don’t come back from holiday in Thailand loaded down with small pellets of compressed

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Rydw i allan o’m dyfnder yn fy ngwaith.

“I’m afraid I can’t accept that contract.” Actually I said, “You’ve got to be fucking joking!” but I’m trying to give the impression that I conduct my business conversations with a sense of reserve and decorum. “I’m not proof-reading anything

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Terror Scares: The Upside

Admittedly there are some minor downsides to terrorism, but what with passenger numbers down after the recent “everyday household items” scare, I’ve even seen a Heathrow-JFK return flight for £149 including all taxes and charges. Ideally, some kind of fatwa

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How Much?

London again for the weekend. Regular visits there really do prevent a news story containing the phrase, “neighbours described the man at the centre of these tragic events as a quiet individual who kept himself to himself, though he’s never

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Terrance Aiken

I rose, showered, walked to the nearest underground station – the autumnal morning sun was shining brightly, but there was still an aura of mist over the greener parts of the city – I pressed my Oyster card against the

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