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Is there anyone who can be happy that this evil and corrupt government has granted a licence to build a so-called ‘supercasino’ in the heart of Manchester? It’s a monument to greed and easy money that will cover five thousand

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Please Tell Me This Isn’t Real…

I’ve nicked this photo from Bigmouth Strikes Again‘s comments. (Sorry – I had to download the photo, my WordPress wasn’t happy with linking to imageshack – and I’m not sure to whom I should give due credit). Someone please tell

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Learning About Modern Britain, In Quotes

On being Tony Blair’s director of government relations…..: I hadn’t really any intention of joining the Labour Party, I just fell in with the wrong crowd. Yes, yes I only just spotted it, even though it’s from Saturday’s Guardian. But

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Another of my group of close friends has fallen. Actually, that’s not yet true, although he began the slide a long time a go when we shared a flat in Glasgow – a dark descent, which shall end in April

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Dust. Bites The. Another One.

So. The TEFL Smiler is no more. Well, actually he is. Probably. Just with a newer, more secret identity, a batcave and a career fighting grammatical errors using sleek, matt black, carbon fibre gizmos (have you seen the new, spring-loaded,

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Learning About Modern Britain, In Quotes

E-mails: Nach einem am Dienstag durchgeführten notwendigen Update der E-Mail-Server-Software laufen die Software-Caches, die zur Zwischenspeicherung der E-Mails dienen, noch nicht stabil. Dadurch treten seit Donnerstag Nachmittag erneut Störungen beim Abruf der E-Mails per POP3, IMAP oder Webmailer auf. Nur

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The Problem With Applying For Jobs…

Is that they might say ‘yes.’ And they might be academics (and therefore pay badly) and be computer literate enough to be able to google the fact that I might not want to work for that salary for the four

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Men! Worried About Hair Loss?

Then crystal meth is for you! (ask your local, unemployed biochemist – who needs to pay off some debts – for details…..)

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