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The HR Dept of UCL…

…are a bunch of (insert expletive of your choice here depending upon your sensibilities – I’m going with ‘people who, perhaps upon reflection, are not entirely competent’). That is all.

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London Loves…

There was something about London last night that made me literally giddy; The lights, the people, the views, the way the buildings on the Southbank are lit in vivid colours…… but mostly it was the beer.

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Mild Cognitive Impairment

Whilst browsing through (i.e. deleting) the hundreds of e-mails I’ve received since yesterday evening, I came across an advert from the Sandisk company. They are offering help into Alzheimer’s research. Excellent – that’s the kind of corporate responsibility I like

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As you’re all no doubt aware, today is ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day‘. Now, here at InActualFact we’ll not be standing for any of this pervasive nonsense (even Flickr has a skull and crossbones on its logo, for God’s

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Footie And Girls

Now, I know that Mr. Haddock has pretty much of a monopoly on the Female German Football Team Scene, but a World Cup match between England and Germany has to be worth a mention, even if it is “only girls.”

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