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British Understatement Returns

I happened to be on the island when Princess Diana died – I was on a trip around Wales and wondered why on earth all these people were queueing outside Carnarfon Castle to lay flowers and sign a book of

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LloydsTSB: Bunch Of Bankers

Mr Fact likes to keep a good overview of his finances. Some have called this petty meanness, others have said that he has lived in Swabia and Scotland for too long while others still have castigated his use of referring

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Translation isn’t everything, Redux

Yes, I know I’m going on about this, but that’s because our lords and masters are buggering about whilst people are having holes drilled through their kneecaps or are being shot for washing the underwear of “the British.” Gordon Brown

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Too Much Information

Normally when one looks at a bottle of wine, the label will say “75cl, 1er Cru, 2003, Mis en bouteille au château”, or, in the Fact Household “3 liter Tetrapak, finest Bulgarian Tablewine”. Not so the bottle I’ve just been

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Herr Doktor Gabelstaplerführer

“You should get a job!” my conscience said. “But I’m a self-employed slacker.” I replied. “Ah, but why not get temporary work at an agency for the days when you don’t have any work?” my conscience and another self-employed slacker

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Translation isn’t everything part 2…..

The Americans. Yes, those damn Yankee dimwits run by the warmonger cowboy Bush are, er, going to look after the people that helped them. Weird, eh? Why can’t we do that? We followed the Americans’ lead in invading the country

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Some Posts On This Site Now Recognised By The EU

But only the really cheesy ones. Hmm. That doesn’t really narrow it down does it? How about the really cheesy (i.e. all) ones that were written whilst I was in Staffordshire? Yes, that will do it, as the EU now

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Wild Speculation And Prudent Measures

In a story which the mainstream media seems to have missed entirely, Mr. Nosemonkey speculated that there might be a snap general election. Nonsense! I said to no one in particular. However, this morning I received this (opens in new

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Dritter Oktober

Yes, the 3rd of October is a great day in German history, so much so that it’s a public holiday. On this day in 1942 Germany launched the first man-made object into space: A V2-A4 Rocket from Peenemünde. And it

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Translation isn’t everything…..

I did this weeks ago and didn’t actually blog about it because I was too busy. “Too busy?” These people are busy trying not to get killed after having, holes drilled into various parts of their bodies with, well, drills.

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