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Government Department In IT Cock-Up Shocker

I love HMRC, no really – and I’m not just saying that in the hope that I’m looked on kindly. Okay, so they ‘misplaced’ the personal information and banking details of 25 million people, so perhaps I could count on

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That’d Do For Me…..

It’s my Nana’s 90th birthday today. Well, figuratively speaking – she’s been dead for a few years now. When my death comes I’d like the doctor to say something like this about me too… “Cutting down the tree with a

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Terrance Aiken

I rose, showered, walked to the nearest underground station – the autumnal morning sun was shining brightly, but there was still an aura of mist over the greener parts of the city – I pressed my Oyster card against the

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Katrina: Six Weeks On

As another hurricane is battering the Caribbean this weekend, I received an e-mail from a regular commenter, which I’m going to put up as my first guest post. As the title makes clear it’s about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

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I’ve developed an enormous respect for people that work in translation. With time I’ve got to a point where I trust myself to translate things from either German or Science-speak into English. Actually, as I have enough friends who need

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After saying he was a great runner, what happens? I delete the post. German Word For Today: “42,195m” – 26 miles, 385 yards Song playing as this was published: The Undertones “Teenage Kicks”

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Call For Comments

When I went to University in Scotland, I made a life-long friend in the first week. And then deleted the entry about him. German Word For Today: “Bewunderung” – Words fail Song playing as this was published: Queen “Don’t Stop

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