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Automatic Domain Name Renewal & Registration

…That was what the e-mail said: that 3 years ago today, I registered the domain name – and have been posting random mutterings here (with increasing intervals between them) since then. Of course, lots has happened since then, mostly

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Friday Five

General laziness rules today, so just random, but incredibly interesting and important links…. 1. Appy Linguist is FirtySix! Go wish ‘im an ‘Appy Birfday. Even ‘is parents forgot for ‘eaven’s sake! The man needs sympathy, and ‘is parents need a

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Me, me, meme

Yes, yes, memes are evil, and so is Plumpernickel for tagging me with one. However, limiting the process to three things makes it just about tolerable. So, here goes (answers correct at time of going to press, but subject to

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Spam Translations

I know, I know, I should just put the Want Your Willy To Grow? e-mails straight in the bin – the answer’s obvious anyway – just look at the alluring woman/man/farmyard animal/kitchen utensil/whatever takes your fancy and voila! NB: This

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Okay, Well Just The Odd, Social Blog Then…

I could give up tomorrow, if I wanted to, obviously. But. Now and then, just to be sociable, how harmful can blogging be? Okay, apart those potential jobs where the interviewer quoted extensively and not always positively from the blog

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Dust. Bites The. Another One.

So. The TEFL Smiler is no more. Well, actually he is. Probably. Just with a newer, more secret identity, a batcave and a career fighting grammatical errors using sleek, matt black, carbon fibre gizmos (have you seen the new, spring-loaded,

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Learning About Modern Britain, In Quotes

E-mails: Nach einem am Dienstag durchgeführten notwendigen Update der E-Mail-Server-Software laufen die Software-Caches, die zur Zwischenspeicherung der E-Mails dienen, noch nicht stabil. Dadurch treten seit Donnerstag Nachmittag erneut Störungen beim Abruf der E-Mails per POP3, IMAP oder Webmailer auf. Nur

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Tracking America’s Enemies…

The most dangerous people in the world, hunted down using everyone’s favourite search engine… In Actual Fact > Visit Detail Domain Name ? (Military) IP Address 141.116.10.# (Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon) Location Continent : North America Country : United

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As Technorati really is rubbish and as I like to wave to the people who visit me (it’s only polite and you never know, some of them might be cute) it’s about time I made a proper note of some

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Test. A testing test that makes me testy.

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