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I’m sure you all know the situation: you get off the plane, head towards the luggage collection, and wait whilst the baggage handlers have a drink, a quick smoke and occasionally peer through those little plastic slats to watch you

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Going Postal (Or Not)

For reasons beyond my ability to comprehend (so not that far), a kind and generous reader of this blog, who is surely handsome, witty, intelligent, caring and woefully ignored by the scientific publishing world, decided to send me a Christmas

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Out Of The Frying Pan…

Right, that’s it. Enough is enough; I’m getting the hell out of here. Germany is a pleasant enough country, I’ll begrudgingly admit, but I’m planning to move back to Blighty. Or at least I think I am until I start

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Socialism, Taxation And The Redistribution Of Wealth

Note: This is a rough working draught and merely reflects my state of mind at the present; it may be subject to change. Actually, I’m not changing it, the next paragraph is perhaps the most eloquent I’ve ever written. You’re

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Whiney Expat Blogger

Today is the 1st Whiney Expat Blogger meet-up in Marburg – a smallish University town in the north of the state of Hessen. I’d arranged to go by train, it’s a fair distance and by booking in advance I’d managed

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Genetic Engineering for Beginners

Okay, that’s the first project of the day finished (actually I started at 11 last night – there are some people who work better under presure and others who are just plain lazy). I’d been making a powerpoint presentation using

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Ms. Twelve Percent

So London. Job Interview. Third round job interview, down to two candidates and actually a quite intense, competitive affair, with many of the interviews/events being head-to-head against her. Her being the other applicant, an intelligent young lady, about my age,

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Gosh, yes!

Emily, an American, over at “It Comes In Pints?” has a massive list consisting of “things I like about Britain, Fuck Yeah!” As someone who on Thursday night listened to a German acquaintance patiently explain to me why London “deserved”

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EU Bans Phthalates In Toys

No, it’s not Swabian, but it does contain the word “phthalates” and some EU-speak. It must count as a foreign language to at least some readers. The EU, or quality of BBC Science reporting. Which is worse? First off, this

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ID Cards Revisited

So, the illiberal swine managed to pass the second reading of the Bill and I have a couple of points to make. First, Charles Clarke seems to have bought off some potential rebels by saying the cost will be capped

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