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Too Much Information

Normally when one looks at a bottle of wine, the label will say “75cl, 1er Cru, 2003, Mis en bouteille au château”, or, in the Fact Household “3 liter Tetrapak, finest Bulgarian Tablewine”. Not so the bottle I’ve just been

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Some Posts On This Site Now Recognised By The EU

But only the really cheesy ones. Hmm. That doesn’t really narrow it down does it? How about the really cheesy (i.e. all) ones that were written whilst I was in Staffordshire? Yes, that will do it, as the EU now

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Photoblog: Essential Purchases

As it turns out, if one purchases 10 packs of Maultaschen, a coolbag turns out to be an essential purchase too. Song playing as this was published: Kate Bush: This Woman’s Work.

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Someone Loves Me

In comparison to Rachel who received a package in the mail which looked like a parcel bomb (don’t worry, she wore oven gloves to open it – a career in UXB disposal surely beckons), I received a normal looking package

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Veggie Burgers (German Style)

I’d written a long, long post about spending the weekend with a vegetarian family and how they’d complained about it being so difficult to be a vegetarian here. “Yeah, yeah”, I thought, and tucked into my cabbage. The computer decided

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“Do I Need To Lose A Bit Of Weight?”

And I told her “Don’t be stupid ‘cause you’re looking great” And I call her String Bean Jean because the label on her jeans says Seven to eight years old – well that’s pretty small. “A bit podgy” That’s what

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Miracle Cheese!

People of Wisconsin awake! It’s a miracle! A Sign! Bless St. Bartholomew (okay technically he’s the Patron Saint of Florentine cheese merchants, but he’s just going to have to do for now). I reckon I should have put this on

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Aloo Paratha

I love Aloo Paratha. Aloo Paratha, it’s not actually very descriptive is it, just two words? But you know what I mean, those spicy, potatoey flat-bread things that (and this is the important bit) you can make loads of, freeze,

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