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“I Have a Fwiend In Wome.”

Blatantly nicked from Mohsin’s Facebook page, not sure of its veracity (it is in Foreign Policy, after all), but this did make me titter.

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Photoblog: L’interdiction de Fremdsprachen lernen.

…. Say, what should ich? Especially without Yoda als professeur….. UPDATE: As AppyLinguist (who obviously has much better eyesight than me) points out – the code at the bottom of the poster tells us that it’s in “Spanish, German, French

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Science vs. The “Arts”

There’s a reason this blog is called In Actual Fact – it may have something to do with a phrase I use far too often, pedantry and the fact that they wouldn’t allow the apostrophe in “ithinkyou’”, so this story

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Rilke. For No Reason.

Wie einer, der auf fremden Meeren fuhr, so bin ich bei den ewig Einheimischen; die vollen Tage stehn auf ihren Tischen, mir aber ist die Ferne voll Figur. In mein Gesicht reicht eine Welt herein, die vielleicht unbewohnt ist wie

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English As A Second Language (For Copywriters)

#16,873 of an ongoing series. Look. If you’re a German firm and want a, how would you say? ‘Cool’ English tagline to go under your company name, get a native speaker (who isn’t evil) to at least look at it.

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Rydw i allan o’m dyfnder yn fy ngwaith.

“I’m afraid I can’t accept that contract.” Actually I said, “You’ve got to be fucking joking!” but I’m trying to give the impression that I conduct my business conversations with a sense of reserve and decorum. “I’m not proof-reading anything

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Avete mai pensato che potremmo sentirci offesi dal fatto che non avete mai imparato l’inglese?

Language Week 2006: Broke in Berlin hat schon auf Russisch (denke ich – es gibt zumindest kyrillisches Zeichen zu sehen) gebloggt. Ich dagegen hab wirklich kein Bock mitzumachen – bin so was von faul im Moment. Sorry. Als kleiner Trost

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Language Week 2006

Last year I agreed to, and then sort of acted on srah’s (I bet that’s not the name (s)he was Christened with) Language Week; The idea being to blog in a language other than the one normaly used on your

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Viral Marketing

I’m sure that Mr. Sparky could tell you a lot more about viral advertising than I could, although having received this advert from three different sources so far this morning, I reckon they’re doing a pretty good job. “Brüller“, “sehr

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I have a friend (no, really) who works for a large translating company, she sent me the following screenshot today. If you’re going to translate something from English to German, get a German native speaker to do it and if

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