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London Underground … sigh

One of the most irritating things about London is the Underground. While I can’t deny that London does indeed come to a stand still every single time they go on strike, there are just so many things about the service

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Last Day Of Blogging Silence?

Probably…. Added: OK, last week of blogging silence. Probably. Added: OK, last 7 weeks of blogging silence. Probably…….

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We’re all doomed!

Whilst checking the Met Office web site to check the weather (none of this consulting a thermometer and looking out of the window for me in this high-tech modern world), I couldn’t help notice that they’d issued a severe weather

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Please Tell Me This Isn’t Real…

I’ve nicked this photo from Bigmouth Strikes Again‘s comments. (Sorry – I had to download the photo, my WordPress wasn’t happy with linking to imageshack – and I’m not sure to whom I should give due credit). Someone please tell

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How Much?

London again for the weekend. Regular visits there really do prevent a news story containing the phrase, “neighbours described the man at the centre of these tragic events as a quiet individual who kept himself to himself, though he’s never

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