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Lib-Dem Leadership Election Scandal:

Vince Cable’s name isn’t even on the voting forms! The man’s been a revelation during the latest (pick one) governmental ‘mishaps’. Where have they been hiding him all these years? Song playing as this was published: Radio 4: Live Feed

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Satisfied, Darling?

“Hello, can I speak to Mr. Fact please?” The South African voice on the telephone asked. It was half five in the afternoon – the start of telemarketeering time (it usually lasts until just after supper) – so I was

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Translation isn’t everything, Redux

Yes, I know I’m going on about this, but that’s because our lords and masters are buggering about whilst people are having holes drilled through their kneecaps or are being shot for washing the underwear of “the British.” Gordon Brown

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Translation isn’t everything part 2…..

The Americans. Yes, those damn Yankee dimwits run by the warmonger cowboy Bush are, er, going to look after the people that helped them. Weird, eh? Why can’t we do that? We followed the Americans’ lead in invading the country

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Wild Speculation And Prudent Measures

In a story which the mainstream media seems to have missed entirely, Mr. Nosemonkey speculated that there might be a snap general election. Nonsense! I said to no one in particular. However, this morning I received this (opens in new

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Translation isn’t everything…..

I did this weeks ago and didn’t actually blog about it because I was too busy. “Too busy?” These people are busy trying not to get killed after having, holes drilled into various parts of their bodies with, well, drills.

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Metric Meaters

‘Twas a grim day in the Fact Haushalt. Okay, it wasn’t that grim – or at least not that much grimmer than usual – there was however a problem, the kitchen tap was broken and needed repairing/replacing. Not much of

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Being A “Bloke”

It’s not easy being a bloke. I’m sure that if you drew a Venn diagram of ‘blokes’, it might contain overlaps between ‘football hooligans’, ‘people who for all intents and purposes were educated in the Edwardian era.’ and people residing

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Please Tell Me This Isn’t Real…

I’ve nicked this photo from Bigmouth Strikes Again‘s comments. (Sorry – I had to download the photo, my WordPress wasn’t happy with linking to imageshack – and I’m not sure to whom I should give due credit). Someone please tell

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Learning About Modern Britain, In Quotes

On being Tony Blair’s director of government relations…..: I hadn’t really any intention of joining the Labour Party, I just fell in with the wrong crowd. Yes, yes I only just spotted it, even though it’s from Saturday’s Guardian. But

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