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Eat The Rich!

The poor are tough and stringy….

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Other 30% Not Carbon-Based…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new entrant in the ‘most pathetic marketing blurb’ competition of 2008! This one has the makings of a true winner and is going to prove hard to beat – not only because it’s from

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I Was Walking Home From The Pub, When…

It doesn’t matter if you have a photograph, never start a tale of the unusual (unless it’s about a girl) with those words. No one will ever believe you. They won’t believe you about the girl, either. Also, if you

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The Jewish Problem….

… Is – at least I’ve been told – that it’s no longer just as simple as wondering whether one should erect a pine tree in the sitting room during December, to try and fit in… . I blame Nigella

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Testosterone-Aggravated Rhinoviral Infection Syndrome

Sounds better than ‘man-flu’ doesn’t it? Song playing as this was published: Radio 4: Live Feed

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Satisfied, Darling?

“Hello, can I speak to Mr. Fact please?” The South African voice on the telephone asked. It was half five in the afternoon – the start of telemarketeering time (it usually lasts until just after supper) – so I was

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Herr Doktor Gabelstaplerführer

“You should get a job!” my conscience said. “But I’m a self-employed slacker.” I replied. “Ah, but why not get temporary work at an agency for the days when you don’t have any work?” my conscience and another self-employed slacker

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Some Posts On This Site Now Recognised By The EU

But only the really cheesy ones. Hmm. That doesn’t really narrow it down does it? How about the really cheesy (i.e. all) ones that were written whilst I was in Staffordshire? Yes, that will do it, as the EU now

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May Contain Nuts #173

You’re all incredibly intelligent and well-read people of the world. I’m sure you’re aware of the (possibly apocryphal) story of the little packets of peanuts on American planes bearing the legend “May contain nuts”…. I don’t know for sure –

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London Loves…

There was something about London last night that made me literally giddy; The lights, the people, the views, the way the buildings on the Southbank are lit in vivid colours…… but mostly it was the beer.

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