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Some Posts On This Site Now Recognised By The EU

But only the really cheesy ones. Hmm. That doesn’t really narrow it down does it? How about the really cheesy (i.e. all) ones that were written whilst I was in Staffordshire? Yes, that will do it, as the EU now

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Metric Meaters

‘Twas a grim day in the Fact Haushalt. Okay, it wasn’t that grim – or at least not that much grimmer than usual – there was however a problem, the kitchen tap was broken and needed repairing/replacing. Not much of

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One Click, And You’ve Been Done™

I hate this. It’s not just amazon of course, they do however send me e-mail advertising from both their German and British sites. If I (say) receive an e-mail advertising something I’ve been after for a while from an

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