Last Day Of Blogging Silence?


Added: OK, last week of blogging silence. Probably.

Added: OK, last 7 weeks of blogging silence. Probably…….


A shy, retiring recluse with the overwhelming desire to tell the world all about himself....

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6 comments on “Last Day Of Blogging Silence?
  1. christina says:

    He’s still alive! Good news.

  2. BiB says:

    Bring on the noise.

  3. Hum ELT says:

    I have a bet with myself that the next post won’t be for another year. It’s like watching a rock having a stretch.

  4. Hum ELT – there are a couple of things I have to work out / watch out for, but I believe I haven’t said anything for a while because of “Probezeit” and my new found freedom has to do with “Probezeit nicht ueberstanden” – still not quite sure how much I want to blog about the whole thing, though….

  5. Anyhoo says:

    Are you travelling at close to the speed of light?

  6. Jcs says:

    Probezeit? Are you working for a German employer? Is your heimweh that bad?

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