London Underground … sigh

One of the most irritating things about London is the Underground. While I can’t deny that London does indeed come to a stand still every single time they go on strike, there are just so many things about the service they provide, and trains in general actually, lets not leave National Rail out of this, which stretch far beyond irritation.

Like the fact they’ve put the fares up (again!) and the quality of service is exactly the same as it was before. There are still unnecessary delays. I think everyone can agree that we’d rather not have to bother with the Underground. That we could just curl up with our iPad and play games on partypoker or Farmville, or even read a book on the Kindle in bed. Anything to get away from the incessant irritation of train service. Sadly the buses are just as infuriating, so which is the lesser of two evils?

Here’s a couple of annoyances:

Please mind the gap. What gap? The train tends to fill the entire rail area, and the amusing thing is at the stations where there is a gap, they forget to warn you! They don’t need to warn you of non-existent gaps at Waterloo, but if you go to Baker Street you have to jump. Do they warn you? Nope.

Signal failures. When your train is literally next to Point B and can’t proceed due to a signal failure, and then you are reversed all the way back to Point A 20 minutes later, you get pretty ticked off. Not to mention the delay it causes.

Amusing things do happen on the underground too though. Like when your driver is clearly bored out of his mind, and decides having a one way chat with the passengers is a good way to pass the time. Or when everyone has a moment of shared incredulity aimed at the teenager blaring their awful music from their phone.


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One comment on “London Underground … sigh
  1. kinglear says:

    I was recently on a tube ( and coincidentally the same day on a train). I am by no means a large person, but I have absolute faith in my own ability to put the fear of death into anyone if I want to. Accordingly, when some squit started listening to his mobile without his earphones, I told him to turn it off or put his earphones in. ” Yeah? You and whose army?” ” just me” I said as I stamped on his foot. These ignorant shites need a bloody good hiding and they wouldn’t bother anyone again. Fortunately, the police in Glasgow work on that principle

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