Olympic Trekathon…

The most unsporty, unfit person I know (apart from the one in the mirror) is doing the London Trekathon at the weekend (It’s a 26.3 mile marathon between most of the Olympic venues in London). She’s raising money for help a capital child – and her employer will match any donations and gift aid she receives – which for UK taxpayers means the charity will receive about four times more than you pledge. I don’t think she’ll manage to complete it unless that would mean letting people down, so please go and offer her something – a quid or a tenner or anything at her Just Giving page: http://www.justgiving.com/katiemelville – that way she doesn’t get her grubby paws on any of the money and can’t spend it on handbags….


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  1. Matthew Fessey says:

    Hi, I am wondering if you have any interest in selling (or even lending) your domain name and/or your twitter handle (@InActualFact)? I am involved with a campaign which would like to use them. If you could let me know either way i’d be appreciative.



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