Tell me now how do I feel

Black HelicoptersThis year “Blue Monday” – a date in January regarded as the most depressing day of the year – falls on 19 January. I’m sure that I heard John Humphrys on the Today programme this morning say 40% of workers would call in sick today. That can’t be right, surely? He wasn’t on very good form at all though: when interviewing George Osborne about Ken Clarke’s return to the front benches, he didn’t even paraphrase Jeremy Paxman’s classic question to Norman Lamont after black Wednesday into “Do you like being Shadow Chancellor? Are you going to miss it?”

Anyway, I feel fine today. Right as rain. Like the rain that’s been falling endlessly from the sky for months – as endless as the credit card bills arriving through the door, each one more ghastly than the last. I did manage to get a bargain price on some rope to string across one of the beams in the attic – so every thing’s peachy.

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6 comments on “Tell me now how do I feel
  1. BiB says:

    Oh, sorry. I thought I was being clever. But the blog-post showed up as just the title until I commented. Excuse my smart-arsery.

    If you’re not joking about the credit card bills, can you borrow the sum from a human instead of a bank? I was about to get in credit card trouble a few years ago and I bit the bullet and asked a relative to help me out. Embarrassing, of course, but a lot cheaper and they never sent a solicitor’s letter once.

  2. Mr. Fact says:

    Unable to use WordPress?

  3. Mr. Fact says:

    It was very clever – I had to look “laconic” up in the dictionary and everything….

    Loans: to be honest I’m expecting a better rate of interest from Dodgy Brothers Inc (Cayman Islands) than my sister. And my (relatively) rich uncle is a solicitor – so I’d be buggered there too.

  4. RhineBlaze says:

    Blue Monday in the Revier was just like your average day in Manchester: cold and miserable – when it started to drizzle as I went out for lunch it just felt like I never left.

    ‘When winter comes ,’ said Lydia, ‘we are going to be shocked.’
    ‘Our own winters are cold.’ said Lev.
    ‘Yes, but not for so long. In England, I’ve been told, some winters never quite depart.’
    ‘You mean there is no summer?’
    ‘There is summer. But you don’t feel it in your blood.’

    Rose Tremain – The Road Home

  5. eh. says:

    Since the, “comment form is closed at this time” for We’re all doomed!, you leave me no choice but to leave my comment here…

    Glad to hear you’re right as rain. You’re a bit too cheery for me though. Using words like peachy. You almost sound Californian – or perhaps Georgian?

    Re: We’re all doomed! – I still have yet to experience a rainy day in the UK, let alone a centimetre of snow. Pfft! Alright there was snow in Scotland, once. Someone British once told me it rained in the UK – eh.

    Call me next time it rains, will ya? Or should I just come and spend my summer there?

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